The Supremes’ at Earl’s All-You-Can-Eat was a beautiful gem of book. Reading the first few pages I was kind of wary of this book. However, as I read on I wanted to know  more about the Supremes, Odette, Clarice, and Barbara Jean.

The Supremes had been the best of friends since high school going through triumphants and tribulations together. From what I gather, Odette was the leader of the group and the most stable of the three friends. Odette had been born in sycamore tree and that gave her the strength to brave and steadfast and everything she did.

Clarice was a crowd-pleaser and what I mean by that she tried to please everyone else but herself. When she was young she did everything her mother told her. As an adult did everything to please her husband who was the town Lothario. I was glad at the end of the book she was able to living for herself and no one else.

Barbara Jean probably had it the worst of the bunch having suffered physical and sexual abuse from a young age. Barbara Jean was taught by her mother to marry a well-off man. Find someone who would take of her. And she certainly did with Lester, however, unlike her mother she found a man that would be kind and gentle to even though he knew Barbara Jean did not love him the same way he loved her. At the end Barbara Jean was finally able to make peace with herself.

I really enjoyed this book it was hilarious with the appearance of ghosts especially Eleanor Roosevelt. I loved that it focused on friendship and that friendship can overcome the most darkest times in people’s lives.


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