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Film Festival

Westerville Public Library Film Festival

The Westerville Film Festival is a program I started in May 2013. I was inspired by a session at an OLC conference about signature programs at the library. Also in Westerville that year there was theme for the community called Celebrate the Arts, August was movies theme. This event was for all ages, and I had movie associations located in central Ohio give talks about the film industry. In 2014, I had my second film festival and an independent theater agreed to host and I had a small write-up in the local Westerville paper.

Passive Programs

I really enjoy passive programming. Passive programming offers the opportunity to reach more patrons. It’s a great to way to reach patrons on the go by asking questions and learning more about the community and what they are into.

Hosted Programs

I’ve hosted many programs at the Westerville Public library. I have experts who can speak to a certain topic that may be of interest to the Westerville library patrons. Examples of Hosted Programs include:

  • How to Self-Publish
  • Writing Workshops
  • Cooking Demonstrations
  • How to Start a Business
  • How to Festival
  • Genealogy


Paint Night

Inspired by the popular Paint Nite events, I wanted to bring a similar program to the library patrons for free. The program allows attendees of any skill level to recreate beautiful painting by following guided instructions from the artist original painting, (former) Youth Librarian Becky O’Neil. Download the PowerPoint Presentation.

Arts & Crafts

Arts and Crafts is making its way back into the hearts of Adults especially with the emergence of Adult Coloring. I started an Adult Coloring Club called Love to Color. A special mention of Love to Color in the local paper.

Patrons have also enjoyed do hands-on activities such as DIY Mug. Patrons were able to make their own tumbler inserts.

Avondale History Talks Series

The Avondale neighborhood is being re-developed and much of the rich history is not known to current residents. I had the idea to produce a lecture series for community members about the history in partnership with UC Professor, Anne Steinert. 

The lecture series was 4 parts:

  • Early Avondale History
  • Avondale Jewish History
  • Black Avondale Transition
  • Modern Avondale

This partnership has turned into a multi-phase local history initiative to empower residents to be local historians to capture oral histories and artifacts.

You can listen to WVXU’s Cincinnati Edition to learn more about the series from lecture speakers and myself.

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