I really enjoyed this book. I will say the beginning when the two main characters, Sarah Grimke and Hetty “Handful” Grimke were young was slow but very telling. As they two characters progressed in the age the story started to pick up steam.

Sarah Grimke is the ugly-duckling of the Grimke family, slaveholders in the Charleston, S.C. She is the outcast because she basically has mind of her own however, at times unwilling to follow it. Sarah is very intelligent, and quick-witted. At a young age of 11, thought slavery was abhorrent.

Hetty “Handful” Grimke is one of the slaves owned by the Grimke family and gifted to Sarah on her 11th birthday as her handmaid. Handful, the name Hetty prefers. Handful is bright and cunning like her mother. Handful and mother Charlotte were very fond of quilts. Especially since Charlotte made them and she wove her life story unto those quilts.Sarah and Handful become an unusual and very similar pairing.

Sarah has known slavery through the POV of slave-owner. Sarah understands that slavery is morally, social, and fundamentally wrong. However, she doesn’t understand exactly to what the extent. Until Handful tells and shows her. Sarah, goes on a journey of self-discovery that take decades of her trying to find her place in the world.

She eventually finds her place and purpose with the help of her baby sister Angelina, and people like Lucretia Mott. Her purpose is free every enslaved person but also make the people see them as equal. And the by-product of abolition for the Grimke sisters was equal rights for women.

I think the novel Sarah represented so many people today who are having trouble trying to find their place and purpose because of what others may think. That it sets them for decades. Sarah stopped caring about the opinions of others and worried about herself she was able to fulfill the purpose she always had inside.

Sue Monk Kidd does a great job weaving the truth with fiction. And it made me want to read more about the real like Sarah Grimke.


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