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[Updated] Different Shades of Black Bingo Board!

Hey bookworms and literature enthusiasts! After some serious brainstorming (and a dash of creative genius), I’m thrilled to unveil the long-awaited, much anticipated, and finally updated Different Shades of Black Reading Bingo Card! Get ready to embark on a literary journey that explores the rich tapestry of black experiences through an array of captivating reads.

From powerful memoirs to thought-provoking fiction, this bingo card is your passport to diverse narratives that celebrate the beauty and complexity of black culture. So, grab your favorite cozy spot, a hot beverage, and let the reading games begin!

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You can revisit the previous post here.

This a simple book bingo challenge that will encourage you to find new titles you may not have considered before. And since NOTHING is quite as satisfying as being able to physically check off a to-do, I created this as a FREE printable for you.

You can grab your FREE Book Bingo card below.

Once you finish a square, I’d LOVE to hear the book you chose. Share it in on Twitter or on Instagram with the hashtag: #OMGDifShdBlk

If you need help with book recommendations. You can find them here.

How To Play

Book titles may be used only once per card. 

How do I get a Bingo?

  • BINGO: Complete a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line! 
  • Blackout: Complete all 25 squares!

Share your BINGO board with me

  1. Post a photo of your completed card to one of the OMG! Kaya Reads social media channels using the hashtag #OMGDifShdBlk.
  2. End Date there is not a set end date. 

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