Let me just say I really love Carl Weber’s stories; however, this book was so disappointing. I am not sure if it was having a co-author or not. Carl Weber on his own is amazing. But, when there is a co-author in the mix, it doesn’t go well all the time.

The first book in the series was written with a co-author, Eric Pete and it was fantastic and that is what got me hooked in the first place. Family Business 3 was just ok. In the previous books the readers get all hyped up by the mere mention of Vegas because of the characters admiration and praising every he had done for the family. In the third book his return was treated as if he had stepped outside for a second and came back. There was no fanfare by the Duncan family. Don’t get me wrong the whole family was happy to have him back. Like I said previously, his return was very understated and overshadowed by the problems with Junior and his girlfriend Sonya.

As for the actual storyline of Junior, Sonya, and Brother X, it felt clumsy at times. As if the writers were thinking about where to take the story and the other books it had been so effortless. Brother X was one really sick man, who had rats for friends. At first, you think his problem is with Junior and Sonya for having affair (Junior unknowingly in the beginning) but then it evolves into something else that I can’t place my finger on.

Things I really enjoyed about the book. We got to see more of Chippy and her relationship with LC. Also, we got to know her little bit better than in the past two books. Carl Weber did a good job of giving just enough information about the beginning of the relationship to make you want to read the prequel to Family Business, Grand Opening, whenever it comes out.

The other good thing about this novel was the budding friendship/relationship with Sasha and Elijah.Spoiler Alert** Sasha is taken captive by Brother X’s men. Sasha and Elijah develop a friendship through this captivity. Brother X tries to have his way with Sasha, but Elijah interrupts in the nick of time. Elijah is very machismo in the beginning and starts to appreciate a woman who is intelligent and voices her opinion and not always playing second to the man. So basically, I like that Sasha and Elijah’s friendship start to have him question women’s roles in society based on religious doctrine.

Overall, I was very disappointed with book and personally I think Carl Weber should only work with Eric Pete for this series if he needs a co-author.


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