The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion was a great romantic comedy novel. I usually do not ready romantic comedies but this was an exception to the rule. If you are familiar with Sheldon Cooper then you will have no problem with Don Tillman. He is Sheldon’s long lost Australian brother.

Don is extremely organized and has a very strict regimen that he follows to the letter; however, that all starts to unravel when he meets Rosie. Just before Rosie enters his life he begins the Wife Project. Don has a lot of requirements for a woman in order to be his wife. He tweaks requirements and questions on the Wife Project questionnaire as he goes. It takes matchmaking and on-line dating to a whole another level. Don meets Rosie at first helping her to find Rosie’s biological father. Don begins to fall for Rosie but not in your typical romantic comedy way. There is a real struggle here for Don, implicitly the author conveys that Don has Asperger’s.  Don has found comfort in his regimen for a long time and when he starts helping and developing feelings (to the extent he can) his routine and life falls into a little bit of chaos. This makes for a laugh-out-loud escapade for the reader all the while wanting to know who Rosie’s dad is.

I really enjoyed the book a lot. It is a great book club choice that is how I read it, the book club I lead at the library. The ladies at the book club talked for a very long time about the book and some went on read the sequel. The whole time I read the book I could only think about Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler’s relationship. I did appreciate that Don is better than the elusive and non-PDA Sheldon. Watching Sheldon and Amy’s relationship at times was painful but Don and Rosie showed what it could look like if Sheldon ever gives in to love.

Final judgment: Great Book!

Happy Reading! The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion


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