I love Carl Weber! This book has almost every genre rolled into one. The book did start off slow but as soon as hit it’s stride it went very quickly. Carl Weber is very good at suspenseful and he placed so many red herrings throughout to throw the reader off the trail. I was completely floored about who did what in the book.

I definitely surprised how some familiar characters acted in this book. Bishop T. K. Wilson went primal, showing his jealous and animalistic side. Also it gave new insight into his character that he has flaws as human being, but he sometimes falls into the same trap of most pastors of being money-driven. It made me wonder at times if he was doing it for the right purposes. Another character was Monique, never knew she wanted to act. I have read First Lady and Choir Director 1. Monique’s passion for acting never came up. Aaron’s character I was not surprised in at first but at the end I was and I could not blame him for how he acted.

The fact that all the characters fell into Desiree’s traps so easily was dumbfounding to me. Or, Carl Weber is just that good of an author.

I really enjoyed this book and I hope Carl Weber writes another book so we can learn more about these characters.


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