1I’m Reading…. Age of Miracles by Karen Thompson Walker. This book had me scared for my life but in an eye-opening way. It made me wonder what would I do if this situation ever happened.

How would one deal with the rotation of the earth slowing down? Personally, I think at first I would be asking how could we fix it. Once, I found out there was nothing we could do then I would learn to live and adjust. However, as you read the book there is no adjusting to the Earth’s slowing rotation. It seems everyone is effected even if you are “real time” or “clock time.” People start to get sick and animal and plants die because this. This book’s reality was a hard one to accept.

Throughout the book I felt sorry for the main character, Julia. She had no friends whatsoever and the people who she thought were her friends used her or just ignored her after a time. There was one boy that came to be her friend but that did not last either. I really could not fathom, Julia not having anyone to be her confidant. Julia’s parents were not reliable at all. I just wanted something good to happen. Going through a change as the Earth’s rotation slowing down and not having anyone was sad and lonely. Everyone, I think needs someone to experience that with.

Age of Miracles was an interesting book it really get you thinking about what if. I enjoy books likes. I just wish Julia had a better friends in the book.

I gave it 4.5 out of 5. 

Happy Reading!


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