OMG Kaya Reads RatingI’m reading… “The Reversal,” by Michael Connelly. I really enjoy the Mickey Haller series a lot. I watched the Lincoln Lawyer movie before actually reading the book. Uh-Oh. However, I love Matthew McConaughey so much. l2r0exmz2bc2aj7jm

Any-who, I then I started to read the Mickey Haller Series and it is good. The Reversal is book 3 in the Mickey Haller series, and book 16 in the Harry Bosch series. This is very confusing when you are looking for the next book in the series. Many of times when I search they  only show the Harry Bosch Series and you have to scroll all the way down to find if it is a Mickey Haller book as well. Mickey and Harry are supporting characters in each other’s books.

I like the Mickey Haller Series because it is a different genre I never really heard of before called legal procedurals/suspense/thriller. However, it does have bits of detective mystery when Harry Bosch is added. I haven’t read any of the Harry Bosch series and I don’t think I will since the series is so far along and I don’t really like him in the Mickey Haller series. He just seems okay (probably on purpose because he is a supporting character).

My Review, The Reversal:

The Reversal is intriguing and captivating. I will mention the book goes back and forth between 1st and 3rd person. I did not mind, but I know some people do not like to switch between points of view. I like that Mickey is put in an uncomfortable situation and has to work as a prosecutor. In book 3, the reader gets to read more about his first wife with whom he has a child, Maggie McPherson (aka McFierce). She is his co-counsel on the case. You get to see their relationship play-out more. At times you think there might be a chance, they get back together, but that is quickly squashed later in the book.

The original findings were reversed in the case due to new DNA testing and the clock is ticking for the retrial.  Haller is brought in because no one in the DA’s office wants to touch the case. Haller works independently of the DA’s office, because no one wants any of the blow-back if it goes wrong. From there, the story begins to quickly unfold as the team has to dig into a old case and figure out if and how they can convict the accused again. The victim’s sister is tracked down to testify and old family secrets are revealed that may help the defense with their case. However, the accused, Jessup’s late night adventures may swing it back to the prosecution.

Which side will prevail? You have to read the book to find out. Check out the series here.

Happy Reading!

I gave it a 4.5 out of 5


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