OMG Kaya Reads RatingI’m Reading…Wicked Plants by Amy Stewart! This book was amazing!. It was recommend by my co-worker because I am currently participating in the Book Riot Read Harder Challenge. One of the challenges is to read a Science book. In my mind I’m like Riley Curry at the press conference getting ready for the snooze fest.

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I want nonfiction books to read like a fiction books, more technical term narrative nonfiction.  In order for me to complete this Science challenge, my co-worker suggested Wicked Planted by Amy Stewart.

My Review:

Wicked Plants is a great book for the non-gardeners and experts gardeners. It was so much fun reading about plants and the effects they have had on world events and famous people. My favorite wicked plant is associated with the witch trial hysteria, Ergot, which grows on grain and survives baking and brewing. This was the possible cause of the odd behavior associated with the Salem witch trials of 1692. It’s amazing this little book makes you think about the plants you interact with on daily basis, giving them all a second-glance. I enjoyed that the book was laid out in alphabetical order it made it easy to refer back to plants; especially when I was telling my boyfriend about it. I found myself telling everyone about this book, boyfriend, other co-workers, and book-club. The book was interesting with its facts and stories about how people died or came close to death by being in contact with these deadly plants. I think this would make the perfect gift for anyone with a garden.

Happy Reading!!


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