Power, Seduction,Scandal by Angela WintersI’m Reading…Power, Seduction, & Scandal by Angela Winters. This is the fourth book in the DC Series, following the three ladies Sherise, Erica, and Billie. The story focused more on Billie and developing her story-line. While the other story-lines of Erica and Sherise were peripheral.

Billie now has the man of her dreams, but a dark secret unbeknownst to Michael (Billie’s fiancee) can ruin it for them. Sherise is the path to becoming the Press Secretary for the President-Elect but is derailed by an unforeseen opponent. Finally, Erica needs to deal with her past when there is an unfortunate death in her “family.” 

As always there is a lot of drama packed into the book. However, the fiery Sherise we have all come to adore and hate has cooled down a little bit. Her gusto is still there but not as much. I guess Sherise is starting to realize she doesn’t have to fight as much any more.

Erica’s character did not sit well with me. She was very annoying in this book. Erica started to spiral out-of-control; especially after a person in her “family” dies. Erica has to start dealing with her identity and who she really is. At the same time she finds love but that is put into jeopardy during her spiral. Erica has always been a sweet character in the other books so it was really hard to accept her personality change in this book. The personality shift was definitely warranted but hard to accept.

Billie, had to deal with a lot in this book with her new fiancee Michael, such as, deception, doubt, baby mama drama, adultery. I love Billie’s character, she is my favorite. I think this character handles herself with the most grace and integrity. When things start to fall apart she is devastated and rightfully so, but she logically starts to work everything out. I just really love this character!

Overall, the book was good but could have been better. I read an eBook version and I found grammar and spelling mistakes that took away from the book. However, it was still a good story and I hope the series continues!

Happy Reading!


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