The most amazing, awe-inspiring book I have ever read. A white man literally takes “walking a mile someone’s shoes” seriously. John Griffin transforms into a Black man in 1959. In 1959, at the height of segregation and Jim Crow. He tours the South, the Deep South and experience blind hatred for the pigmentation of skin nothing else. He does not change anything about himself, name-wise, occupation, or clothes; just the color of his skin.

It is phenomenal to read about a man willing to walk a mile in others shoes and experience life as the other. And see how they have to cope with every day life. It was just an eye-opening experience not only for John Griffin but also the reader.

As black female, sometimes it is hard to explain to white counterparts that duality that many blacks have to live in.

Now, in 2013 there is still racism; it has moved from blatant to subtle, just look and watch political TV and hear the sly remarks they make about our president, Barack Obama.

I recommend this book to everyone!


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