The Literary Divas: Real Housewives Turned Authors!

Discover the hidden talents of real housewives turned authors as they conquer the pages of the literary world. From captivating memoirs to sizzling fiction, these women have taken their storytelling skills beyond reality TV. Delve into their inspiring journeys and dive into their engaging books, filled with drama, glamour, and a touch of their signature flair.

Trick or Treat Yourself to These 5 Creepy Books for Spooky Season

With the arrival of the crisp autumn air, it’s time to dive into the magic of spooky season. As we embrace the changing leaves and the allure of Halloween, there’s no better way to get into the spirit than with a carefully curated list of spine-tingling books. Whether you’re seeking eerie ghost stories, psychological thrillers, or tales of the supernatural, this handpicked selection of five books will transport you to a world of suspense, mystery, and dark enchantment. So, prepare to cozy up with a warm beverage and discover your next thrilling read for the spooky season.

Reading Habits Book Tag

Reading Habits Book Tag Feature Image

I found this book tag on Pinterest. As it always happens with these tags I coincidentally stumbled upon this one from The Wordy Habitat. It’s good to do something different other than book reviews.

5 Bookish Gifts We Love: Gift Guide 2021

The holiday season is here, it’s time to throw some last minute bookish gift ideas at you. I’ve started to make handmade gifts in recent years. However, if you are like me, time can get away from you. Truly, at the heart of it I am very lazy or my therapist would like me to say unmotivated. So here is my gift guide for people in your life that love books.