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Reading Habits Book Tag

I found this book tag on Pinterest. As it always happens with these tags I coincidentally stumbled upon this one from The Wordy Habitat. It’s good to do something different other than book reviews.

Bookmarks Or A Random Piece Of Paper

  • Random Pieces of Paper

Stop Reading Randomly Or Stop After A Chapter/Certain Amount Of Pages

  • Stop Reading Randomly

Certain Place At Home For Reading?

  • On the couch most of the time but ever so often in the bathroom

Eat Or Drink While Reading?

  • Neither, would hate spill food or drink on a book or ereader

Music Or Tv While Reading?

  • Both very low in the background

One Book At A Time Or Several?

  • Several, read a little from each one

Reading At Home Or Everywhere?

  • OMG! Read Everywhere. Thank goodness for ebooks. I read on my phone everywhere I go.

Reading Out Loud Or Silently?

  • For the most part silently but if I don’t understand something then I read aloud a few times

Do You Ever Read Ahead Or Skip Pages?

  • I used to read the last paragraph of books when I was really young but I don’t do that anymore. I go along for the ride.

Breaking The Spine Or Keeping It Like New?

  • I read mostly ebooks but if I am reading a physical book then like new

Do You Write In Your Books?

  • Absolutely not! A pet peeve to see books that have been written especially when books come back to the library all marked up.



Book Lover’s this was so much fun and easy. Let me know if you do it.

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