5 Bookish Gifts We Love: Gift Guide 2021

The holiday season is here, it’s time to throw some last minute bookish gift ideas at you. I’ve started to make handmade gifts in recent years. However, if you are like me, time can get away from you. Truly, at the heart of it I am very lazy or my therapist would like me to say unmotivated. So here is my gift guide for people in your life that love books.

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Let's Get Started

Techie Gifts

  • E-reader 
    • An e-reader is essential for a bibliophile so they have multiple books in a light weight device. Highly recommend the Kindle Paperwhite
  • Blue-Light Blocking Reading Glasses
    • Now if your do use an e-reader or tablet that emits blue light get these glasses. I know you love to read before bed like most of use do. Blue-light can send signals to the brain that it’s still day and delay our wind down time for bed. 
  • Bedside/Couch Charging Organizer
    • This is probably the best gift for someone who likes to read in bed on the couch. Can easily place the book(s) in a handy organizer or charger your e-reader/tablet/phone.
Techie Bookish Gifts

Home Goods

  • Candles
    • Candles are so popular nowadays or maybe they have always been. Personally, I love the scent of candles but lighting them is a different story. Give the gift of light (lol) with a beautiful smelling book candle. Who doesn’t love the smell of books…? 
  • Mugs
    • Mugs are great; you can have your favorite cup of coffee or tea right alongside reading a book. Also, perfect to add to the book lover’s mug collection. They have a collection trust me. 😉
  • Pillows
    • Ooh…I love pillows and to have a literary pillow would be divine with their favorite book quotes or book cover.
Home Gods Bookish Gift Items


  • T-Shirts
    • Former coworkers of mine would wear literary t-shirts on Fridays from Out of Print. I also like the quotes or sayings on shirts too. 
  • Socks
    • My mom bought me library due date socks a couple of years ago because I’m a librarian. That was very thoughtful of her.
  • Dress
    • Have you seen the dresses that are made with book print fabrics? I want one so bad but this is a great gift if the person is a true bibliophile or librarian.
Clothing Bookish Items

Library Gifts

  • Personal Library Embosser
    • Okay, I have mentioned I’m a librarian, only a million times already. However, what a fabulous edition for a personal library and get the true librarian effect. I even want this because everything is digital and we hardly ever stamp anything at the library anymore.
  • Little Free Library
    • Let’s raise the ante and donate or build a Little Free Library so people in the community can benefit from it. An amazing way to promote literacy and the loving of reading to others.
  • Library Card
    • Last but not least and powerful card you can have in your wallet is the library card. Take your book lover to get a library card. If you are in Ohio you can have a library card at any library just by being a resident in Ohio. This will let them have a wider access to books, especially ebooks.
Library Gift Ideas

Just One More Chapter: Reading Journal

  • Any avid reader will need to keep track of the books, reviews, and TBR list. Gift them the Just One More Chapter Reading Journal. Designed by yours truly. It’s printable and fillable. You can mix and match how you see fit.

What do you plan to give the book lover in your life this holiday season?

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