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A Total Mood…Being A Mood Reader

I’m a Mood Reader

Not until this year of 2020 did I understand what it meant to be a mood reader. I can say with certainty that I’m indeed a mood reader. My mood dictates how and what I read; even when I read.

Let’s take a journey together about mood reading for me.

  • I have probably started and put down over 30 books in one day. I have a Goldilocks complex; I’m looking for the book that is just right. Many times I get frustrated trying to pick a new book to read when I’m in a very specific mood, such as mystery, detective, with a twist, hint of romance, with a science fiction background, and main characters are people of color. Now, someone find that book for me. But for real.
  • I’m not great at keeping a  blogging schedule. I blog when I feel like it. This is especially hard when you get tons of ARCs from Netgalley or review requests from authors. I have tried creating an excel spreadsheet, google calendar, good old-fashioned paper planner. However, I do use my Book Review Template
  • I get the majority of my books from the library. Mainly, because I work there. However, most of the books are returned before I get a chance to read them. After I check them out and maybe read a few pages I am no longer in the mood to read them. It’s not because the books are boring or bad; I just don’t feel like it anymore. Then I renew the books but eventually let them go.
  • Don’t get me started about book clubs. I am terrible at book clubs but I love them especially facilitating. Book clubs are great for social interactions with other people. However, I sometimes would never finish the book. My favorite book club is Silent Book Club when people come together and read their own book silently.
  • There are times I won’t read for a very long time. Most of the time it is related to what is going on in my personal life. For example, my grandma (my only living grandparent) was in the hospital for the whole month of October and I did not feel like reading at all. I was worried about her health and being in the hospital during COVID. Thankfully, she is out of the hospital and back home. But, that put a damper on my reading and has been a slow burn to get back into reading.
  • Goodreads is great but when I do the reading challenge it goes up and down. Previous years I have challenged myself to read 20 or more books. But this year my goal was 12, one book each month. I’m not going to lie, even this year’s goal has been a challenge but I exceeded the challenge with 27 so far.

Being a mood read is not bad; it can be frustrating at times. The upside is that I can read any genre, old, or new book because there will be something to fit my fancy. 

At the end of the day, I don’t want it to feel forced. I love to read for enjoyment and learning. If I force myself to read when I’m not in the mood to read that particular book. I will probably not complete that book anytime soon. 

Basically, I read whatever I want, whenever I want.

Tell me, Are you a mood reader?

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