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Title: Mercies in Disguies

Author: Gina Kolata

Publisher: St. Martin’s Publisher

Pages: 272

Genre: Narrative Non-Fiction

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Summary From Goodreads

In Mercies in Disguise, acclaimed New York Times science reporter and bestselling author Gina Kolata tells the story of the Baxleys, an almost archetypal family in a small town in South Carolina. A proud and determined clan, many of them doctors, they are struck one by one with an inscrutable illness. They finally discover the cause of the disease after a remarkable sequence of events that many saw as providential. Meanwhile, science, progressing for a half a century along a parallel track, had handed the Baxleys a resolution–not a cure, but a blood test that would reveal who had the gene for the disease and who did not. And science would offer another dilemma–fertility specialists had created a way to spare the children through an expensive process.

My Review

I really enjoyed this book immensely! I enjoyed learning about the disease that plagues this family and learnig about the family themselves. Gina Kolata documents a family that has been tormented by a hereditary disease. She goes through the family history and the measures they will go to so future generations will not have to endure this horrendous degenerative disease. There are moral and ethical issues that come up. Should you be allowed to play God? I also enjoyed learning about the disease its epidemiology and the strides scientist and doctors are making to hopefully cure the disease. It’s a great read if you enjoyed “The life of Henrietta Slacks” by Rebecca Skloot.


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